Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Cove - Trailer

Please go see this movie, for the sake of understanding and reaching out to help. This film may be painful to watch at times, but the world needs to know the tragedies that are hidden behind these mountains.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I actually liked this movie, until I went over it in my head on the drive home. Kevin Spacey plays a Hollywood psychiatrist who is a drug addict. He has a young client who is from "the ghetto". In the story all, or most, of his clients are some how connected with one another.
As you already know, the acting is a huge part of a film, and that is why this movie is not good. I did like a large portion of the acting though. Kevin Spacey, Jesse Plemons, Dallas Roberts, Robin Williams, and Jack Huston are wonderful (but not magnificent). I am very surprised about Robin Williams performance, he usually doesn't do anything worth seeing, I am glad we can see that he has that ability to be a real actor.
The aspects that made the movie stick together (besides the actors above) are the cinematography and the score. Both are beautifully done. The script was O.K.. I actually think that this could have been a good movie.
I am not saying you should not see this movie, in fact I think you should see this movie. If it is on sale at Blockbuster of Target I would recommend you buy it. At times it can be slow but sit through it and chances are there will be a decent scene ahead.