Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I actually liked this movie, until I went over it in my head on the drive home. Kevin Spacey plays a Hollywood psychiatrist who is a drug addict. He has a young client who is from "the ghetto". In the story all, or most, of his clients are some how connected with one another.
As you already know, the acting is a huge part of a film, and that is why this movie is not good. I did like a large portion of the acting though. Kevin Spacey, Jesse Plemons, Dallas Roberts, Robin Williams, and Jack Huston are wonderful (but not magnificent). I am very surprised about Robin Williams performance, he usually doesn't do anything worth seeing, I am glad we can see that he has that ability to be a real actor.
The aspects that made the movie stick together (besides the actors above) are the cinematography and the score. Both are beautifully done. The script was O.K.. I actually think that this could have been a good movie.
I am not saying you should not see this movie, in fact I think you should see this movie. If it is on sale at Blockbuster of Target I would recommend you buy it. At times it can be slow but sit through it and chances are there will be a decent scene ahead.


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