Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Cove

This is the heartbreaking, yet at times heartwarming, journey through a cove in Taji, Japan where the unbelievably cruel act of the annual slaughter of dolphins takes place. Ric O'Barry, the trainer of the dolphin, Kathy, that appeared on the popular TV show Flipper. When Kathy died from depression in his arm, he decided he would try and stop the capture of dolphins for entertainment, which he feels he has created. And the mental, and physical, abuse that comes with captivity.
He rounds up a team of people that are willing to try and stop this horrific act at all cost. The Cove is off limits...but of coarse that does not matter to them. It is hardly any chance of getting into it, it is blocked by rails, steep slopes/mountains, fences, and even electric fences. They maneuver around all of these challenges though, they are extremely brave, talented, determined, and passionate activists.
These are the type of people who deserved to be looked up to, and I certainly do. The film crew, oh my god the film crew, they are willing to risk it all, along with everyone else. Could you imagine what it would be like to follow these people around, having to go through almost all of the same things, carrying a film camera on your shoulder? How brave!
This film is disturbing, depressing (and I mean "I wanna kill myself" depressing), and there is a possibility that you may lose all possible hope in humanity. But don't, I am not saying you will not cry, or the images on the screen will not snap your heart in half, I am simply saying there is hope. There is hope because of the people who are willing to risk it all, the very people that you are watching on the TV screen.