Saturday, January 16, 2010

Critics' Choice Movie Awards

There were triumphant moments and shockingly horrible moments at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. The first woman director, Kathryn Bigelow, won Best Director! The Cove won best documentary! The best actress award was a TIE! The most devastating and undeserving tie I have ever seen on an award show...
Meryl Streep & Sandra Bullock, two of the most undeserving nominees in the Best Actress category! I am sure they at least did a decant job acting in those movies, from what I have heard, Meryl Streep did. She had a small challenge playing Julia Child, with the accent and all, but... All of the other nominees deserved to win over those two!
Do not get me wrong, I am not dissing Sandra Bullock or anything, actually let me take that back... The Blind Side was probably the best acting she has done in a long time, if not ever, but I mean look at her movie is not the best track record I have ever seen. She has the same character personality in most, if not all, of her "films", just in a different sticky situation. Predictable romantic comedies/chick flicks. The girl and the guy who do not really like each other or do not really want to fall in love, but always end up doing it anyway... This film was a big jump for her, and from what I have heard, she handled it pretty well for her acting abilities.
All I can say is...disappointing...for the most part...