Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paper Heart

A corky documentary, directed by Nicholas Jasenovec, about love. I wonder why nobody has thought of this before. Love is usually thought of as either simple or overly complicated. It is certainly stereotyped, but this film dives deep into the concept of the
Charlyne Yi, comedian and actress, does not believe in love. She decides to go on a journey to figure out if love is real or not. On her journey she meets Michael Cera (from Juno). Ironically, they make an instant connection, and as the movie progresses, they fall in love. But Charlyne refuses to except this.
Their relationship seems real, but I could not quite figure out if it was part of the plot of the movie, or just a coincidence, they would be a good couple though.
Personally, I did not like Charlyne. I thought that she was to immature, so much so that she seemed like a 12 year old. She was too quiet, now if she was shy that would be a different story, but she just did not follow through when she spoke and did not make it clear why she was even speaking. But I am certain that she would be lovable to a lot of people.
The best scenes in the film were little puppet shows, which acted out moments when the couples being interviewed truly fell in love.
This was not the best documentary I have seen, but it did change my perspective on love.

*I would recommend this film.